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Sanctuary of interrogation

drawing / making / writing


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In the night, longing is born in dreams of people. Nesting on the ground, projection coming from absence visualizes virtual longing on the curved brick wall. People grab their own chairs as they enter and each person interprets one’s own longing in the dark. Projector hung overhead becomes the origin of a source, initiating the growth of longings.

Moving on to the day exiting the night, people take part in how longing grows. Longings are transferred through layers of arcs created by the previous arc drawing the next one. The arcs, elevated from the ground are constructed by light lumbers woven in wires, letting the air and light penetrate through. During the transfer, longings make and stack layers of people’s stories handed over by themselves. By pulleys in each arc, people transfer their own longing further, examining its weight and watching it going away. On the following platform, another person takes the longing, laying one’s own longing onto it. Every time they are recalled, adding new layers of meaning makes the longing bigger, thicker and heavier.

Towards death, longing gradually loses its form and direction to grow. Brick stairs firmly embedded into the ground lead people to the underground. Passing through the narrow stairway, people encounter a huge depository with a slit in the center. There is no destination but creek flowing, where and when people should leave their all longings behind to get into.

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