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A meander and the ghost

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The geological investigation was made to ascertain the nature and origin of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River and to determine the sequence of events in valley evolution. Studies connected with the investigation made it possible to establish stages in the development of the Mississippi River system and to differentiate major factor which permitted the establishment of the river in its present course and which control its present behavior.

Events of the past 15 years have made it possible to conduct the geological investigation. Prior to 1927 accurate maps were not available for the entire region. Now topographic maps made by the Mississippi River Commission cover the alluvial plain, and planometric maps of the deltaic plain have been issued by the State of Louisiana. The region has been photographed from the air, and study of scaled photographs is possible. Many deep borings have been made for engineering projects along the river, for water supplies in many parts of the valley, and for petroleum exploration. Only scattered borings had been made in the valley prior to 1927.


Introduction, Harold Fisk, Geological Investigation of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River

Ghost Trails of the Mississippi River 1944

Geological Investigation of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River

Harold Fisk

U.S. Department of the Army, Mississippi River Commission



Meander: the birth of a Longing and the Ghost


Longing and Ghost were born in Meander, where all the existence was floating around with their meanings of birth. With other existences, Longing and Ghost were drifting in the flow, seeking refuge on earth. There were a number of on and offs through eroding and depositing. Longing and Ghost could step on the earth as the flow let them. The earth was stacked with layers of time and experience. Tracing back those layers one by one, Ghost could reach the origin of all the layers; the start of Ghost’s own time trajectory.  

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