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longing of everyday

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pre-degree project



For architecture, actuality and the virtual it reaveals are less interesting, since architecture does not relate to the unknown, to the potential of the unknown; it is instead emphatically, unavoidably an embodiment of the known.

Wes Jones, Three Aphorisms, Log 26 p 36



Observing around, an ulterior layer is revealed beyond what it is seen from distance; the longing of own, standing for one’s identity. Apart from social contracts, longings, individually or collectively, drive people’s lives, and ultimately reconstructing their everyday life.

Longing is not necessarily hung up in the sky, like a hazy moonlight at night. A study of longing starts with observing people’s everyday life in a judicious view. If what they are seen is a ‘fact’, the observation, seeing them not as what they are seen, discloses their ‘true’ meaning depending on their situation; from what they were generated, what kind of forces enables them to be perpetuated, or simply to whom they belong.

A longing converts the hoary surroundings into specific, singular, unique and particular. Its idiosyncrasy is one of the overt ways to differentiate a longing from an instinct; it is specified according to one’s sole identity. One’s background of culture, values, and experience lays, nourishes, and customizes one’s longing along with one’s identity.​



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