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fridge door; a portal of longing

drawing / research


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pre-degree project



Since a modern living brings a fridge to almost every kitchen, a fridge door takes a significant role as much as an entry door does. If the entry door is a portal to the world outside, socially associated with others, the fridge door is that to the world of an inside, vitally concerning one’s own life.

One day, in front of my fridge door, I realized that this is where all visible longings congregate in; postcards from traveling, a list of things to buy, letters from family back home, sometimes lottery papers. Contrast to other forms of longings, which usually stay in people’s mind, the pin-ups on the fridge door physically remind people of their existences as often as possible. Tied with a source of life, food, they stay on the fridge door where they could expose themselves the most.

Each attachment has a different degree of depth in space and time, depending on the owner’s situation of the time. They take people traveling in space and time, on the strength of one’s memory and imagination. Referring to the surface of the door as a membrane of the present, the portals lead people to relocate themselves where they long to be. The attachments ignite the flaked out unconsciousness, which people could neglect in their everyday life. Whenever people feel lost and worn out due to rapidly changing and constantly demanding life load, these attachments reinforce the core mentality of people, reminding of what they have longed for.

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