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Respiration: reciprocality between in and out

architectural renovation


Amtrak station, Providence, RI

academic work




A void is prepared for coming in from out. Once inhaled, the outer is pulled in and take up space colliding with others. Keeping nature from out, they are converted into a set of in; get merged and rearranged to sit in. Through inhaling, inner interprets and reflects outer. The inner created by outer is exhaled, dyeing outer again. Repetitive respiration, reciprocality, lets inner and outer constantly share and grow each other.

The station is the tips of people’s captured memory of a city, either the beginning or the end; it is a symbol of a vase which embodies all the surroundings. Like an air breathed in and out through nose, mouth, and lung, a whole city is inhaled and exhaled through its station. The Amtrak Station in Providence is renovated proposing what the city of Providence is for people arriving and leaving.

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