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Hunters and Gatherers

drawing / writing


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Hunters and Gatherers are siblings of nomads.

They drift around seeking their perpetual settlement, exploring the unknown world, leaving their traces behind.

Longing for their settlement, Hunters, and Gatherers render their journey of longing; hunters imagine, and gatherers recall.

From a point, an initial segment of the journey is drawn together.

Reaching the first platform, at the end of the initial segment, they launch their next segment, through imagining and recalling.

Opposite from what they have drawn inside, Hunters draw the next segment facing the outer world.

Hunters set the next point on a flipped path.

As Hunters explore the unknown world, the journey is filled with light and dark, hills and valleys, and capes and bays.

They never look back the way they have walked before, but only looking forward what is coming the next.

Gatherers, on the other hand, never forget where they have started; where they belong to.

At the end of the first path, Gatherers extend the second one facing deeper into the inner world.

The journey of Gatherers digs deeper and deeper as they go on, wrapping around, entangle by itself, getting darker and darker; there are only valleys and bays overlapping each other.

Gatherers explore the unknown burrowing into themselves.

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