room of longing

drawing / research

2015 - 2016

site undefined

pre-degree project


Room of night


Room of night is dormant. 

Room of night has a color of earth. 

Room of night allows rare light through a dense and ambiguous shell. 

Room of night is internal. 

Room of night is natural under unconsciousness. 

Room of night awaits being filled up.


Room of day

Room of day is vital. 

Room of day has a color of light. 

Room of day is filled with miscellaneous light. 

Room of day is internal and external. 

Room of day is artificial with consciousness. 

Room of day awaits being filled up and down.


Room of individual

Room of individual reflects once. 

Room of individual has a slope for water to flow. 

Room of individual is tranquil. 

Room of individual stays primitive and unveiled. 

Room of individual needs the most bright light to reveal everything. 

Room of individual orients to self. 

Room of individual hears drops of water.


Room of collective

Room of collective reflects over and over again. 

Room of collective changes due to fire and water; formed, contained and liberated. 

Room of collective is crowded. 

Room of collective stays social, prepared and open. 

Room of collective requires only dimed and soft light. 

Room of collective sets the center and the surrounding. 

Room of collective hears babbling.


Room of death

Room of death is sealed. 

Room of death stays still, stacked. 

Room of death does not know the weather. 

Room of death is behind the scene; it is a tail of a house. 

Room of death is abandoned, left over and forgotten; so it gets rooted. 

Room of death is not easily found; it is usually at the corner. 

Room of death does not allow light to hide dust. 

Room of death hears whispering.


Room of life

Room of life is temporarily sealed. 

Room of life is always busy for coming and leaving. 

Room of life concerns the weather much. 

Room of life is the front stage; it is the face of a house. 

Room of life has itchy feet. 

Room of life is either point of departing or arriving. 

Room of life blinks, turning on and off the light. 

Room of life hears calling and responding.

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