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What if I win the lottery? Everybody might have imagined the moment. The lottery may be considered stirring up a gambling spirit to people who long for unearned income. However, for some people, who have less privilege in society, buying lottery is one of the simple ways to put a bit of vigor into their monotonous, and hopeless, everyday life. The lottery buyers are fascinated with its equitableness; regardless of their social status, the possibility of winning is equal to everybody without exception.

People start to reform their weeks once they buy lotteries. Different from a loop of five weekdays plus two weekends, the buyers set a day of a winner announcement as a momentum. As the day coming closer, the longing grows little by little as climbing up the hill. On the announcement day, mostly not winning, people set back themselves to the first place, waiting for a new week of a journey with another lottery. With the momentum of longing, people could endure their listless every day.

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