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(no) context / (in) context

drawing & writing


personal project 

Exploring and observing everyday events, (no) context demonstrates the extent of people's existence in particular circumstances. Without indicating any object or environment, pure flesh ironically betrays the context that it lives well enough since human bodies are responding to it with such a delicacy. Whether we experience the events in person or not, how we memorize them is deeply rooted in the metaphysical context; how we've sensed, or what we've thought at the moment.  

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Following (no)context, (in)context is also a series of drawings driven from a desire to be free from social expectations by being genderless, ageless, and unclothed figures. One thing added here is the atmosphere, the background, yet still not indicating a specific description of what the character(s) is facing, rather ambiguously hinting the mood. Due to its ambiguity, even though they provide more clues than the previous series, each drawing asks to draw other senses such as sound and smell.   

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