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marks: emerged according to their manner

coding / computation drawing


USPS Postal Office, Boston, MA

academic work



Every mark has a reason for its existence. The doodles on the wall are of the imaginary world of a child, whose dream and reality are yet comingled. A pit on the street paving accounts for the life in the earth beneath. The thinly soiled bronze door shows how often visitors have come and go. Depending on the author, medium, and duration, every mark has its own story.

Marks are revealment of dark; ones come to the front. They embed disciplines of their own, a location of the anchor point, responding to the surface, the order of thread, duration of each parcel, change of solidity during the duration, and relation to neighbors. According to their manner, they stand for the identity of an individual, depict the character of a field in collective, and manipulate a void into a responding environment.

The site, a postal office, is a field of invisible marks of movement; packages come in and out through loading dock, people carry them from one place to another, spurting them out or collecting them in. Through the openings of the building, the flow of movement identifies the character of the environment. Drawing the invisible flow into marks, marks into the architectural components, the postal office is reformed as a container of the comingled.

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