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They all depict loss. We lose ourselves into the minute labyrinths of streets and people’s thoughts. There is a profound sadness in the beauty of hovering and gliding above the city and plunging into its midst, as if they were attempts to commemorate something about to disappear, to capture something in its last instant, as if every moment is the last moment.

Robert Shapiro in Hejduk, Collapse, Unpaginated





Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that between any particle with a certain mass, there is a force attracting the particles each other. Due to this gravitational attraction, satellite keeps hovering around its planet, not getting any closer or further, staying on an orbit.

It is like a satellite and its planet, people hovering around their longings. A field, surrounding the longing in the center, obstructs people in reaching, but also, imprisons them on their tracks, only letting them to watch their longing in distance. Over time, revolving around the unreachable longing digs down to deep, leaving the trace of its movements in layers.



Interstellar, Movie, Christopher Nolan, 2014

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