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Pre-language: Theater, Inside Out


Seoul LG Art Center, Republic of Korea

Performance / Exhibition at Society of Architecture



Pre-language: intuitive conveyance, perception and conversion



This project has been triggered by realizing the fact that choreography could duplicate placeness, or space could inspire choreography. This led to attempt performance in particular placeness in collaboration. With Doo Dance Theater, residing choreography group in LG art center, the project has been planned a performance starting with analyzing theater by architects and choreographers. The study for each part of the theater interpreted by the architect is converted into several types of choreography embedding each architectural space.

In the context of LG art center’s location, which is sharing its performance hall with large office firms, this performance investigates some inner spaces that the public generally could not access. Through several times of workshops and field studies between architects and choreographers, seven selected parts of performance hall are prepared to be separate stages for individual sequential performances, which provides chances for the audience to reveal hidden spaces composing theater. Using backgrounds, architects depict each space to choreographers by diagrams or sketches. This architectural analysis is interpreted into choreography, reflecting the spatial properties of theater. The performance is “Site Specific” form, which provides the audience to travel around from outside of the inside of the theater in sequence.

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