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Memory and Imagination

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Memories are in a daydream.

Floating around beyond conscious, memories gradually fade in even before one notices it.

Points of memories thread from one to the other, having drawn their own shadows behind.

Seen vaguely within their shadows, memories appear by their smell, sound, and texture.

Memories let one participate solitarily and intimately.

For the one, memories are terrestrial, like the cellar in an old house.

Imaginations are in a dream at night.

Sinking down unconsciously, imaginations unfold their variations from the fundamental theme, the theme of memories.

Imaginations are perceived only by vision; they have no smell, sound, nor texture.

Rather than participating, one observes through one's replica, who socially realizes own imaginations.

For the one, imaginations are aerial, like an attic of patched houses of memories.

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