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Interpretation of Dream

drawing / block prints / installation




Dreams feel mysterious, many times left unresolved due to its ambiguous process of creation while sleeping, and recollection in waking life. In between the state of consciousness and subconsciousness, the source of dreams travels through reflection, transformation, projection, and recollection. Referring Interpretation of Dreams written by Freud Sigmund, this ongoing project is going through multiple phases from its start in January 2019.

Part I: Drawn extracts texts serving fragmentary imageries in black and white, transforming the verbal actions into geometric movements.


Part II: Projected demonstrates the relationship between a subconscious creation and a physical environment on which it is rendered. The reflected scenes are then projected on a palpable environment of irrelevant texture, color, and scent. Distinct from what is drawn subconsciously, vivid and clear dreams appear distorted, blurred and obscured in waking life.


Part III: Recollected is in a working process attempting to reproduce what we have dreamt, pulling those out to waking life. Those sharp yet weightless conversions in the previous stage are now being recreated responding to materials and the environment of our real life.

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