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halfways 이도 저도 아닌 그 중간 어딘가



personal project 

The year 2020 has changed everything. It dramatically transformed the way of living of people worldwide, entirely, so mine did. I had to move from upper New York to Seoul after years of study and career. At that time, it wasn't so emotional as it sounds. I tried to make the best decisions with rationale, even though I wasn't rational at all; making a list, giving each priority, calculating, pros and cons table, worst scenarios, etc. Ignoring the loud whispering from the peripheral, I packed up my stuff and left as simple as purchasing a flight ticket online. 
Two weeks of self-quarantine, several tests in the health department, new protocols and policies... When I recovered my senses, I was in the middle of two different worlds as if the agent dropped me at a new place without deleting the memory of the past. My body was perceiving all the rapid happenings in the city and the media whereas my heart was still by the fire, surrounded by weeds, listening to the creek. It wasn't about satisfaction, rather it was a rupture between what I have and what I am facing. 

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