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Tribe Do It Together

exhibition, workshop & publication


collaboration with Society of Architecture, TechCapsule, Lab UDTT, Z-bang, Rarebike, Studio Texture on Texture, PAL

How to build communities in the future

In 2086, statistics expect the global population to reach the summit. It sounds like the earth would be packed and noisy, but at the same time, that is when there is nothing left but getting old, damaged, and perishing. 

Venice Architecture Biennale announced its 18th exhibition title, The Laboratory of the Future, and the Korean Pavilion focuses on our nomadic future driven by advances and crises. Many changes have helped and made people move around. Industrialization, modernization, and decentralization enabled broader moving areas. The advancements contributed to the environmental crisis and imbalance of social capital, which taught people to revalue their residences. When people redefine their homes and keep moving around, how are they going to build communities?

The tribe, Do It Together, is an imaginary community born in 2086. Outsiders from different regions gathered in Gunsan, one of the seaports in South Korea. Different reasons have brought them into the city. Some have local relatives, some plan to launch new businesses and some just move in out of curiosity. In the town, where the reduced population emptied houses and streets, the outsiders look for ways to better their neighborhoods. 

Gunsan is a landfill city to accommodate international commerce in the colonial era. Grid-patterned wide streets were for mass transportation. Houses were built out of fish boxes left from the trades. The whole city was intentionally made for more people and capital. While they are not in use anymore, the outsiders think manmade architecture should return to nature, like before the land was filled. By opening up the roofs, removing windows and doors, and cracking walls and floors, they create room for nature to come in. They create to demolish.

(click to enlarge images) © Haesu Shin, TechCapsule

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