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dwelling of longing

drawing / research

2015 - 2016

site undefined

pre-degree project


Recognizing and acknowledging the underlying layers through observation, people’s daily routine starts to be reconfigured and reconstructed, embedding their longings. Once one’s longing is found, whether it is of an object, of a culture or of people, it secures obvious reasons for what they should be; disproves what they have been might not be in a right place. Not only people have longings. The environment where those people reside also have longings of themselves. This might sound too ideal, but listening to longings renders almost every aspect of an environment; its form, geometry, material, behavior, color, light, sound, correlation with nature, weather and ground.

The reconfiguration, or the reconstruction, launches from the root of architecture; a room. A room is the most fundamental scale of inhabitation, a dwelling of a human being within one’s parameter. It is inevitable for a room to be engaged intimately with its inhabitant, reenacting each other. Considering basics of daily routine, a room is reconstructed in six assignments; night and day, individual and collective, death and life. It slowly reconfigures relationships between each other, consequently integrated into a composite environment.

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