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Jennifer Park is a creator with an architecture background. Park's works range in studies of public engagement to recognize and reconstruct one's everyday experiences through art programs, installations, drawings, and paintings. Park explores common yet fundamental aspects of life, what threads people onto the empathetic understanding of one another beyond one's cultural and social background. They many times are referenced to humanity, philosophy, psychology, and various social phenomena around. Park's projects have been in the light of community-building programs and group exhibitions. 3rd-Thursday, a monthly participatory art show, has shown an attempt to break the wall between the artists and the local community through creative and interactive exchanges. She also co-directed a collaborative workshop, Bibliotheca, with the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. 

Park is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design in the Department of Architecture in 2016. She practiced in Arts Letters & Numbers in Averill Park, Verona Carpenter Architects in NYC, Face Design & Fabrication in Brooklyn, and Society of Architecture in Seoul. Her serial projects have been in group exhibitions, in the Boomer Gallery, London, the Holy Art in 2020, and at Arts Letters & Numbers, Averill Park, in 2019. 

Workshop directing team

Voices, Moments, Movements, School-wide Interdisciplinary Workshop, The Cooper Union & Arts Letters & Numbers, NY

Program directing team in Arts Letters & Numbers

Voices of the Woods, Afterschool program at Averill Park High School, NY

Presenting Artist in group exhibitions

Interpretations of Dreams Part. III: Recollected3rd-Thursday ed. 11, Arts Letters & Numbers, NY

Suddenly we hear a chorus, 3rd-Thursday ed. 10, Arts Letters & Numbers, NY

Dancing Columns: Horizontal Reproduction, 3rd-Thursday ed. 09, Arts Letters & Numbers, NY

Installation preparation team

Inaugural TurnPark Benefit, Interactive Installation, TurnPark Art Space, NY

Program coordinator

Summer at ALN, International Interdisciplinary Summer Workshop & Artist Residency, Arts Letters & Numbers, NY

Graphic designer

Big Bang, Harbor Freight Fellowship Initiative Nationwide Conference, Big Picture Learning & Arts Letters & Numbers, NY

Presenting Artist in group exhibitions

Dancing Columns, Tangled Trees, 3rd-Thursday ed. 07, Arts Letters & Numbers, NY

Graphic Designer

Spirit Calling, Customized Personal Product Design, NY

Thick & Thin, Customized Personal Product Design, NY

Presenting Artist in group exhibitions

Interpretations of Dreams Part. II: Projected3rd-Thursday ed. 03, Arts Letters & Numbers, NY

Interpretations of Dreams Part. I: Drawn3rd-Thursday ed. 01,  Arts Letters & Numbers, NY

Program co-director in Arts Letters & Numbers

Bibliotheca, International Workshop & Exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts & Arts Letters & Numbers, Beijing & NY

Architectural Designer in Verona Carpenter Architects

ADIDAS NYC, Office/Showroom Renovation, NY

Edward Beiner Naples, Retail Renovation, NY

Presenting Artist in workshop & group exhibitions

The Corner, Site-specific Installation, Constitution, Arts Letters & Numbers, NY

The Ghost of the Mill, Site-specific Installation, Constitution, Arts Letters & Numbers, NY

Architectural Designer in Face Design & Fabrication

ALTA House Project, Customized Architectural Component Design, UT

Kitchen Island, Customized Furniture Design, NY

M.Arch, Rhode School of Design, Providence, RI

Architectural designer in Society of Architecture 

Theatre, Inside Out, Collaborative Performance &  Exhibition, LG Art Center, Seoul

Geodesic Chair-Vault in Total Theatre: Interspace Dialogue, Screening space Design & Exhibition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

B. Arch, Ewha Woman's University, Seoul

2021.01 - 2020.12 Exhibition Coordinator

Bop Art, The time of changes: Reimagining Art, Labour, and Bop, Alternative Space Ipo, Seoul

2020.12 ​Presenting Artist (group exhibition)

Halfways (Green Arch)The Colour Boom 2nd Edition, Boomer Gallery, London

Halfways (Green Lanes, Orange Curves, Violet Mountains)The Metamorphosis, The Holy Art, online gallery

2020.05 - 2020.04

Artshow director

Letters for Others, Weekly Online ExhibitionArts Letters & Numbers, NY

2020.02 - 2019.01

Artshow director

3rd-Thursday, Monthly Public engaging art show,  Arts Letters & Numbers, NY


2019.11 - 2019.09





2019.08 - 2019.03

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2018.11 - 2018.09

2018.06 - 2018.01

2017.08 - 2017.07

2017.03 - 2016.09

2016.06 - 2013.09

2013.05 - 2013.02

2013.02 - 2007.03

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