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[L] Dreaming. pastel and graphite on paper, 11x14"

One night, mom asked me to stay with her, and I slept in her bed. There wasn't any mom-daughter talk or anything, rather we went to sleep right away. Somehow, we both slept very well the first time in a while that night.

[R] The bench. pastel and graphite on paper, 11x14"


[L] Encounterer (or stairs). pastel and graphite on paper, 11x14"

I sometimes run up the stairs home instead of taking an elevator. Can't stairs be where to meet someone to greet in the morning?

[R] Anonymity, pastel and graphite on paper, 11x14"

There a notice put up on the elevator wall from the apartment maintenance. Some residents trash the cigarette butts out of the window, causing a potential fire hazard on the outdoor fans of lower units. Hmm, who that'd be?


[L] The way back home. colored pencil and graphite on paper, 11x14"

After a full-day event, it was already getting dark and we were exhausted with good feelings of spending a day together. We were out of subjects to share anymore but still tempted to start another conversation.

[R] Hair Salon. colored pencil and graphite on paper, 11x14"

It is always strange to look at myself in the mirror in the hair salon. A helpless one sitting with all limbs covered trusts the stranger letting him cut and reshape parts of my body. 

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